Spring 2017 is in the books and it sure feels weird. My feelings right now are a collision of many emotions. Overjoyed for my friends who made it to graduation, sadness in the fact I’m going to be without my closest friends for my final semester, and uncertainty in what my own future looks like. Aside from all that, I am full of happiness looking back on these past weeks that were loaded with photography sessions.  

I was #Blessed to be double booked every day for grad sessions this semester. Thank you to every single person that recommended me, booked with me, or left super sweet comments on my photos. Each of you contribute to my business and I’m so lucky to have your support! These graduate sessions were some of my favorite. Each session was a final opportunity to spend with that person before they graduated and moved on to the next best thing in their own journey. I was able to not only listen to the dreams that each person was following, but also recall the joyful moments they had during their time at UF.

Each day I accumulated many FitBit steps (15,000 per day), a fantastic chaco tan, sore legs, and SD cards loaded with beautiful photos. I truly enjoyed every second I spent photographing, chatting, and later editing photos. My favorite thing about photography is providing unforgettable memories for people to look back on. I got multiple messages from both graduates and parents that filled my heart to the brim, telling me how thankful they were for the photos.

Thank you again to every single person who continues to encourage me & my photography. I loved these last few weeks. I’m currently in recovery mode from the past week, lounging with my dogs back home in sunny Palm Harbor. To all my Tampa Bay Readers, I’m home for the summer and looking for reasons to be using my camera. Drop me a line and let’s have some fun! Happy summer everyone.